Mission Opportunity

Our Mission Opportunity program is designed to help freshmen at Milby High School and eighth graders at Deady Middle School be successful in their education.

Our Program Manager focuses on making sure each student is passing and attending school, so they can graduate and become responsible adults. In addition each student in the program is  paired with a mentor from Milby High School. If you have a heart and passion to help a student succeed please contact us.

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The Mission Opportunity Mentoring Project is recruiting 11th graders to be paid mentors.
Mentoring provides students the opportunity to explore career options, seek leadership guidance, educational resources, support with developing social and decision-making skills, and continue to build a positive supportive social network.

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As a mentor, you will provide access to people, places, and things outside the young person’s daily routine and environment. As a mentor you will help your mentee through the Mission Opportunity program and help support him or her during transition from an 8th grader at Deady Middle School to a productive 9th grade student at Milby High School.

Mentor Responsibilities

Attend orientation and four hours of pre-match training sessions.
Make a commitment to a young person.
Meet in-person with mentee for four (4) hours per month.
(Mentors may work with up to three mentees)
Additional contact with mentees by phone or email as needed.
Mentors will focus attention on the student’s Personal Improvement Plan (PIP).
Participate in quarterly service or group mentoring activities.
Communicate as required with the Program Director.
Participate in all ongoing training sessions provided.
Attend all program celebrations and events.
Provide necessary data for program evaluation.

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